• Industry Relationship

    & Employment

    360° partnership with leading companies for assured employment,
    on-the-job-training and industry-trainee interaction.
  • Career Counseling
    Career Orientation Programme based on scientific analysis tools,
    to help make smart decisions in education, career and life.
  • Skill Development Training
    Job-oriented, industry-specific training to acquire the right
    skills and hence, better employment.

      • Automobile Service Training & Management
      • Certificate course in Retail Operations & Sales
      • Sales Leadership Training
  • English Language Training
    Personalized, practical, interactive and well-researched language
    training programme from basic to advanced level, for empowering
    the youth with the art of fluency in spoken English and
    effective communication.

      • Certificate course in Spoken English & Personal Grooming
  • Corporate Training
    Comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end skill upgradation programmes,
    including training design, content development, on site and off site training
    delivery and evaluation, aimed at enhancing employee productivity.

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Counseling Form

Counseling Form