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Be it Indian companies or the multinationals, English is the most preferred language for communication, therefore Prakhar Skill Development Academy designed the English Language course while keeping in mind the individual requirements. This course has various levels –starting from Basic to Advanced and to Comprehensive. The different levels of the courses enable students to enroll in a program according to their level of knowledge. For individuals who need to start from the basics of the English language, Basic course is the best. On the other hand, a person who is good at grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation and just needs to learn the art of effective communication, the Comprehensive course is the right option.


The students who attend the classes on regular basis come out as much more confident individuals. These courses conduct numerous sessions for the students, which are mostly interactive and participative. To clear the examinations, one has to be actively involved in these sessions.  These activities conducted during the classes enable students to get away with hesitation and gain fluency in spoken English.


With the mission to empower people of India with excellent spoken English skills, we at Prakhar are committed to teach our students in a very scientific way. We provide an environment filled with energy and enthusiasm which will enable them to speak English just like their mother tongue.


At Prakhar, aptitude and potential of each student is analyzed and is matched with the level of training the student will undergo. Our academic team consists of Professionals with more than 12 years of experience in corporate, behavioral and communicative training programs both in implementation and development phases. We drive in the confidence in you that enables you to stand and speak.

Why to choose Prakhar for Language courses???

Personalised Approach

At Prakhar Skill Development Academy, each student is unique and is given undivided attention by our experienced trainer. The aptitude and potential of each student is analyzed and is matched with the level of training the student will undergo.

Interactive Methodology

The students are taught in a fun-filled and lively atmosphere which makes learning easy and effective. The students are trained to speak fluent English through a series of activities like guided conversations, vocabulary drills, audio-visual sessions and situational conversation techniques. Prakhar has introduced a unique method for the students to practice their speech based on the CLIC methodology.

Well Researched & Practical Program

Years of research has been put into make sure all our programs are relevant and practical, designed to bridge the gap between formal education and the real life. The students are provided with bi- lingual Grammar books and day to day worksheets based on the topics covered in the class.

English in Your Pocket

TATs - Talk-aid tokens form an important part of the courseware. These cards help you to improve face to face conversations and also functions as a pocket dictionary. They are also helpful in learning the right pronunciation and help you choose the right word at the right time.

Audio-Video Mode of Training

For better understanding and output Prakhar uses state-of-the-art audio-video medium to impart course teachings.

Unique Evaluation Process

At Prakhar, we ensure that every individual gets the optimum scope to develop and enhance his spoken skills. Our unique quality check mechanism interacts with the students at particular pre-established focal points to ensure desired progress and troubleshooting of speaking blocks.


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Counseling Form